4 Essential Decluttering Tips for Seniors

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declutter your life illustrationMany of us find ourselves accumulating collections of various items (e.g., books, clothes, magazines) over the years, whether or not they have sentimental value. At some point, all of that stuff can get in the way and make your living space less than optimal, particularly for seniors.

Whether you’re getting ready to move or just re-organizing your current living space, decluttering can be a daunting task. The following tips can help you tackle the task of paring down and sorting through a lifetime of stuff.

1. Sort out what you want to throw away or donate first. A great first step in the decluttering process is sorting possessions into three groups: stuff to keep, donate, and throw away, according to the AARP article “Declutter Your Life – Now!

You can enlist friends or family members to help you and put on some music to make it more fun, professional organizer Barbara Reich told the AARP. Once you’re free of the possessions you don’t need, then you can move on to organizing what you want to keep.

2. Remove anything that could cause you to trip and fall. For seniors, falling is a serious health hazard: An older adult dies from a fall every 20 minutes in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. As a result, it’s important to identify and remove any tripping hazards as part of the decluttering process.

That can involve not only clearing items off the floor but also removing throw rugs, getting rid of furniture you don’t use, and taping down electrical cords, according to the DailyCaring article “Declutter Your Older Adult’s Living Space.”

3. Consider what you use most often and keep those items within reach. Take some time to pick out things you use a lot (e.g., the TV remote, your reading glasses, tissues, and other types of necessities), DailyCaring advises. Organize your living space so that these essentials are within reach of the spot(s) where you usually sit.

4. Don’t take on the task alone. Consider bringing in a specialist. Decluttering and moving/re-vamping your living space can prove stressful and time-consuming. For seniors in the Chicago area and Chicago’s North Side who are looking to either move or downsize, the DWELLING Spaces + Places team can help with the transition.

Our senior move managers will assist you in formulating a plan that fits your needs and situation, whether you’re going through a change of place or space or both. Contact us today by calling 847-769-2412 or emailing drina@dwelling-sp.com.

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