How Will This New Environment Fit My Lifestyle?

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If you’re a senior in the Evanston and North Shore area who needs to make a move to a new environment, you’re probably wondering how that environment will fit your lifestyle. The same may be true if you’re the adult child assisting a senior to make a move, as well.

Fortunately, there are ways to make a lifestyle change and new environment easier for you. This can help protect your happiness, comfort, and security through opti-sizing your location by envisioning what you need in your optimal home.

Understanding the Senior’s Lifestyle

Before moving into a new environment as a senior, it’s extremely important to see what kind of lifestyle, needs, and preferences are important to you. Whether you’re the senior making the choices, or you’re helping out and trying to choose what’s best for your future, lifestyle matters.

For example, do you still want to cook? What kinds of hobbies do you have that you’ll want to continue in your new space? With a move management company, you can get the right help to evaluate lifestyle and identify important requirements, so you feel at home in your new space.

Maybe you want to walk to a local coffee shop, or have access to a pool or gym. It’s essential for you to have the opportunity to do as many of these activities in your new place as possible, especially if they are important to you.

Opti-sizing and Move Management

Opti-sizing, which is envisioning the optimal home for you, and move management help seniors transition to a new environment that works for their lifestyle. This is done through prepping for your move, downsizing, coordinating the process on moving day, and settling in after the move with organizing, unpacking, setting up furniture, and decorating.

When you work with a professional move management company in the Evanston and North Shore, IL area, you can obtain information and support for your move. Learning about your options is one of the best ways to feel confident that you’re making the right choice.

Adapting to the New Environment

To adapt to your new environment, you want a space that feels like home. Staying open-minded about this new chapter in life is important, but you also want to have the things that really matter around you.

With opti-sizing and senior relocation services such as hanging artwork, customizing your floor plan, decorating and accessorizing your new dwelling, you can get settled in much more easily. Your new space will feel like home, allowing you to resume your hobbies and daily activities with minimal disruption, ensuring a smooth transition into your new environment.

Success Stories and Testimonials

Thanks to our opti-sizing support and senior move management services, many happy seniors in the Evanston and North Shore area have settled into their new spaces.

Demetri says, “I would recommend DWELLING Spaces + Places to anyone who’s willing to look down the road at their future and consider ‘aging in place’ as an alternative to a retirement communities.”

Harv agrees, saying about the finished product, “The result was a condo that will let me continue to live there as I get older.”

The Benefits of Move Management

Getting help to settle into a new space or make changes for aging-in-place can make a huge difference in your quality of life as a senior. Opti-sizing a space helps seniors find and adapt to environments that truly meet their needs.

Ready to find out more for yourself or a senior loved one? Reach out to DWELLING Spaces + Places today and get information on opti-sizing, downsizing, moving, and design services you’re looking for. 

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