Personal identities and memories are most often reflected in surroundings and belongings.
We respect those attachments and handle all of our client’s treasured objects with care.
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So much stuff stored in garages, attics, basements and storage units. It takes creative problem solvers with strong backs – like Drina and her team – to sort and repurpose possessions.
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Imagine your new home at the end of move day. Furniture arranged the way you planned. Clothes hung in closets and dishes in cupboards. Everything organized and ready to go. That’s our specialty.
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Is stuff, accumulated over a lifetime, getting in the way? Drina can help you and your family pare down for simplifying as well as relocating.

A change in environment is stressful and time-consuming for anyone. For retirees wanting to downsize and seniors needing to move, DWELLING Spaces + Places can make the transition easier. It might start with visiting communities for aging, readying a family home for resale or what we call opti-sizing. That is, envisioning the optimal home for you.

Drina and her team work with you to develop a plan to fit your situation – whether it’s a change of space or place, or both. Then, they oversee all phases of the move through sorting, packing and settling in.


When you’re all set in your mind to pack up and go, yet lack the physical resources, we can step in to:

  • Organize the move from start to finish
  • Customize floor plans
  • Assess what to keep, replace, discard
    or pass along
  • Identify valuables and preserve treasures
  • Arrange for donations and estate or consignment sales
  • Handle deliveries, shipments and storage
  • Professionally pack and label
  • Clean and remove waste
  • Follow green guidelines for recycling
    and disposal
  • Deal with the nitty-gritty


We love it when a plan comes together. To that end, before and on move day,
we coordinate and double-check all the moving parts, including:

  • Scheduling and overseeing movers
  • Tagging furniture and boxes for placement
  • Inventorying boxes and items
  • Reserving move-in dates and times
  • Acquiring parking permits and access codes
  • Anticipating the unexpected


Once on-site, we manage all aspects of the move-in so that you are settled in and ready to go. We take charge of:

  • Unloading and distributing boxes
  • Unpacking and organizing everything (we do mean, everything)
  • Setting up and placing furniture
  • Setting up kitchen and bathroom
  • Hanging curtains and pictures
  • Connecting electronics
  • Making sure you’re satisfied

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